Code of Conduct

MATECNIC and its employees are committed, before its clients and other interested parties, to have an ethical and professional integrity through compliance with this Code of Coduct.

  1. Act with diligence and loyalty;
  2. Comply with the legislation and regulations applicable to our professional activities;
  3. Respect our Values in force;
  4. Respect the requirements assumed with internal and external Interested Parties;
  5. Avoid all conflicts of interest between work and personal matters;
  6.  Always act in a way that dignifies and gives credibility to the profession and to MATECNIC;
  7. Seek to create a safe workplace;
  8. Act with environmental resposibility, contributing to the protection of the environment;
  9. Treat all internal and external Interested Parties with respect, fairness and equality, without any discrimination (race, color, gender, religion, ...);
  10. Recognize our social responsibility and contribute to the society around us;
  11. Ensure that the proposals presented and the services provided are transparent to the Client;
  12. To respect the confidentiality of all Clients and other Interested Parties.



Matechnics is dedicated to the design and construction of solutions in the field of automation, robotics, and the provision of industrial maintenance and electricity services.


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